Open Job Opportunities

Below are the positions currently available at Maryhaven.

Activities Coordinator (AC)

The Activities Coordinator will facilitate, coordinate and participate in the daily instruction of the individuals Maryhaven supports to ensure meaningful activities. This person will assist in the development, implementation and maintenance of quality programming to support the program participants and their needs.

Assistant Residential Manager (ARM)

Assists in the day to day operation of the residence in accordance with regulatory requirements, agency policy and quality program standards. Encourages the development of independence, individualization, integration and productivity of the residents.

Autism Specialist

Responsible for the implementation of environmental, educational and behavioral supports as related to the diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorders. This person will assist in the development, implementation, and maintenance of quality behavioral programming while assuring we are in accord with the Maryhaven Behavioral Philosophy, to support the program participants and their needs.

Behavioral Intervention Specialist

Assesses, develops, implements and monitors consistent behavior management programs for mentally and physically disabled individuals with emphasis on proactive programming and a team approach.

Behavioral Intervention Technician (BIT)

As part of the Day Habilitation Services Program, the BIT delivers services including (but not limited to) Community Integration, assisting Activities Coordinators, assisting BIS and crisis intervention. The BIT is assigned to support an individual as needed during times of crisis and activities. In addition, the secondary focus is to implement proactive components to all Behavior Support Plans.


Receptionist responsibilities. High School diploma/GED and valid NYS driver's license required. Must be proficient in Word/Excel.

Community Integration Specialist

Provides instruction and training to individuals in community work settings. Provides support to help individuals attain desired outcomes for future competitive employment opportunities.

Direct Support Professional (DSP)

Promotes a warm nurturing environment in which to live while supervising each resident in the development of social, recreation, ADL and independent living skills and overall community integration.


Prepares meals for site as per menu. Assists Dietician in preparation of season’s menus and maintains cleanliness of residence in accordance with regulations. Performs Direct Support Professional duties; providing hands on care for individuals as necessary.

HVAC Specialist

Maintains the agency's HVAC equipment in proper working order, performs preventative maintenance and responds to emergency service calls as required.

Job Coach

Provides needed supports necessary for individuals to obtain or retain competitive employment by overcoming functional deficits and assisting with job referral, job development and job placement.

Job Developer

Develops employment opportunities for individuals within the community and provides necessary supports for individuals to maintain  and become stabilized in competitive employment.

Maintenance Mechanic

To perform routine maintenance, preventative maintenance, repairs and renovations to Maryhaven properties.

Medical Caseworker

Monitors and access services to meet the medical needs of residents through community resources.

Production Line Supervisor

Responsible for the instruction and training of individuals in packaging and assembly skills in accordance with regulations.

Recreation Counselor

Plans, coordinates and implements Therapeutic Recreation program for residents, including on site and community activities.

Registered Nurse (RN)

Provides nursing services, which include distribution of medication, emergency triage, first aid and follow up if needed. Provides resident/staff health education, and acts as liaison with primary care providers and doctor as needed. All within accordance of regulatory requirements.

Service Mechanic

To assist in the daily operations of the transportation service program. Responsible for maintaining and overhauling all owned automotive equipment for agency vehicles including diesel, Class B buses with air brakes, Class C buses and the agency’s gas vehicles. Provides on-road service as needed for agency vehicles.

Team Leader

Team Leader provides overall supervision, training and support to staff working in classrooms with individuals who have an intellectual developmental disability.

Truck Driver

Operates Maryhaven vehicle in compliance with Department of Motor Vehicle, NYS Traffic, ICC and Agency regulations providing trucking services for the agency.