Maryhaven Living the Mission Award

The Living the Mission Award is given to one Maryhaven employee each month who exhibits living, furthering, promoting and embodying our mission of, Enriching the Lives of People with Special Needs.



To recognize and honor a staff ember each month for excellent job performance/skills and for superior care/interaction with the people we support.


The Living the Mission Award is open to all regular Maryhaven employees who meet the criteria listed below.

  • Champions the Maryhaven mission of, Enriching the Lives of People with Special Needs.
  • Embodies Maryhaven values of respect, dignity, growth, diversity, compassion, enrichment, encouragement and excellence.
  • Works in collaboration with others to serve and journey with the people we support.

To nominate an employee, please email Sister Catherine Smith, Pastoral Care, at to receive the form. 

* Please Note: The Living the Mission Award began in March of 2023. Nominees are selected from a small committee who reviews them and then the final choice is given to our Executive Director, Charles Vanek, for approval. Please contact Sister Cathy if you have any questions regarding this award. 

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2024 Living the Mission Award Recipients


January 2024

Daniel 'Dan' McDaniels

Behavioral Intervention Technician (BIT) at Medford Day Habilitation




2023 Living the Mission Award Recipients


March 2023

Kuangheng 'Connie' Williams

Direct Support Professional (DSP) at Beach Street IRA

"Continuing to go the extra mile to be sure that all the individuals she supported feel they are respected, valued and important."


April 2023

Stacy Gibbs

Registered Nurse (RN) at Maryhaven's Nursing Department

"Stacy treats all Maryhaven residents as if they were a part of her family – treating them with respect, dignity and love. She radiates positivity in all she does and even on your toughest days, you can’t help but be happy too. The compassion, empathy and kindness Stace displays is what makes her not only an incredible nurse, but a wonderful human being. ‘Stacy is truly a gem and we are incredibly lucky to have her’, said fellow nurses Mary Molfetta and Katherine Celano, who submitted the nomination.”


May 2023

Stephanie Cassidy

Residential Manager (RM) at Terryville Road IRA

“In recognition of her commitment to improve her team and the lives of the individuals she supports. She encourages everyone to be better than they were yesterday.”


June 2023

Kristine O'Connell

Terryville Day Habilitation

“Krissy has been a dedicated Maryhaven employee for more than 20 years. During her tenure at Day Hab, Krissy has ensured that every staff person has a homemade birthday cake to celebrate their special day. This helps boost morale and makes all the staff feel very much appreciated. Krissy is always willing and available to step in whenever she is needed and does so with a positive attitude and a smile on her face. During our most challenging staffing times, Krissy makes sure coverage is provided to provide the upmost support to our individuals. When it comes to fundraisers for program, Krissy gives it her all so that the funds raised go to our program. Krissy exudes a constant positive attitude that is infectious and makes the Day Hab a pleasant program to work in.”


July 2023

Stacy Smith

Vocational Instructor at Maryhaven's Integrated Business Center (IBC)

"In recognition of Stacy’s consistent and unwavering support daily in IBC. Stacy believes in the Maryhaven Mission exhibits compassionate care each day."


August 2023

Erik Ferrer

Maintenance Lead for Support Services

“Whenever there is an issue, wherever it may be, Erik is there. Erik simply doesn’t fix what needs to be restored, repaired or built, he also steadily demonstrates exceptional fortitude to problem solve with whomever it may be on site with a smile and an open ear to ensure all is well before he departs. His attention to detail, dedication and patience to see a job through to completion is highly commendable. Erik safeguards a functional and supportive environment for all the residents throughout Maryhaven as well as for the staff so they an provide the care needed. There are dozens of examples from each caseload that have been discusses over the last several months, it would be an injustice to only choose a few. Erik, we value your commitment and the sacrifices you make day in and day out and without you, the focus of our staff to do their job would be even more difficult. Thank you, Erik!”


September 2023

Dawn Richards

Residential Manager (RM) at Mark Trail IRA

“In recognition of her ability to persevere through the ups and downs of each day with grace and optimism. She takes the lead with an unwavering adherence to moral and ethical principles while striving for excellence.”


October 2023

Bernadette Parezo

Clinical Director for CRS Behavioral Services

“In recognition of her dedication to the behavioral health and well-being of our individuals. She extends undivided attention, empathy and compassion to each person and provides a bridge between the staff and residents. She lives our mission daily.”


November 2023

Christina Taverna

Residential Manager (RM) at Sills Road IRA

“Presented to Christina Taverna for her outstanding dedication, care and devotion to the individuals of Maryhaven. We are ever grateful for your presence and service."


December 2023

Robert Brevard

Direct Support Professional (DSP) at North Ocean Ave. IRA

"In recognition of being a team player and going above and beyond for the needs of his co-workers, the house and especially the individuals. He involves the individuals and talks to them with love and respect  His heart is with the folks and his job performance shows it."